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Sex isn’t just sex. It’s also about the art, and game, of meeting women. So that you can have sex. It’s also an important part of an already established relationship — the importance of which is often overlooked. Here at My Sex Space we cover all aspects of sexual relations, whether they involve a committed relationship, dating escorts in Vegas, or finding the best sex doll. Enjoy your time here.

Meeting Women: The Right Thing to Say at The Right Time

I dine at a local restaurant where I often see a woman who usually eats alone. How can I ask her if she wants to join me for dinner and then get her phone number?

Make an effort to be seated near the woman dining alone, and when she looks in your direction, make eye contact, nod, and smile. If she smiles back, you can say, “Hello. I’ve noticed that you eat here a lot, too. What’s for dinner tonight?” Remember that you are just showing interest and seeing if she appears open for contact.

the right approach

If her response is friendly, you might say, “I really like their sandwiches here, but tonight I feel like something different. What do you usually order?” The goal is to start a conversation from your separate seats and see where it leads. If it seems like she wants to continue to talk you can say, “If you’re not waiting for someone, would you like to join me?” or “Do you mind if I join you?”

Many women who frequently dine alone might be happy to accept your invitation if you approach them in a friendly and low-pressured way. You can also offer to buy a person a drink to show you are interested in chatting with her. Just remember that your offer is only a friendly gesture and doesn’t necessarily mean that you are treating her to dinner or that she owes you anything in return. Glamour magazine has some similar information, but from a woman’s point of view.

However, if she declines your invitation, she may be shy or she might simply prefer her own company. Don’t get upset or angry. Just smile and say, “No problem, enjoy your meal.”

The Perfect Time to Introduce Yourself

Exchanging ritual information also allows you to prepare to introduce yourself to the other person. Generally, the longer you wait to make an introduction, the more uncomfortable people get, so the sooner you take the initiative, the better. When there is a pause in conversation, this as good time to say, “By the way, my name is … What’s your?” The other person will almost certainly respond in kind. Offer a handshake and a friendly smile, and say: “Nice to meet you.” Then as a question or make a comment about what the other person has told you, and your conversation will be off and running.

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How and When to Approach a Woman

Okay guys, here are the right moves and when you should make them.

Homo sapiens think and over analyze too much unlike animals that don’t worry but merely react. Sometimes men ask too many questions. Will she think I am forward? Do I play hard to get? Do I look good enough to make the approach? Shyness often overwhelms men and paralyzes them.

make your move

What are the right moves and when should you make them? Well, when in doubt apply this rule. When you spot the woman you want to meet, maybe your future bride, do this. You must immediately approach her. “He Who Hesitates Is Lost.”

I would like to share a story with you about a man, possibly like you. His name is Todd. Todd is a professional man in his late 20’s and is average looking. If I am working with you as a client, one on one, and we go out in public together to work on dating skills, I may not give any advice the first time. I like to get to know the man, what he does and does not do.

Todd and I were sitting in a restaurant at a table. There was a bar for people not eating or waiting to be seated. Todd spotted a beautiful woman sitting at the bar alone. Todd really wanted to meet this lady, in fact, he called her his future bride. I told Todd that is great now what are you going to do about it.

Todd, not really knowing what to do, starts to plan. At first he says, “Maybe I will just go up and say hello.” Then he decides, no that’s to boring I must think of something unique. Todd says, “I know, I will just go up and offer to buy her a drink. But, on second thought that would be to commonplace.” “I know I’ve got it. I will go up and tell her I am in love with her.” Todd stops and thinks some more. “No, that is to forward I cannot possibly do that.” Believe me Todd kept on coming up with all sorts of ideas. Keep in mind all along I am neither telling him to take action or not take action upon these ideas.

Now I looked over to the bar while Todd was thinking. I saw a man come up and approach the woman of Todd’s dreams. The man just sat down right next to this woman. Now as Todd is thinking about all these ideas for making the perfect approach he looked up and saw the man and woman together deep in conversation.

Alright, Todd blew it big time. How many times have you been in the same position that Todd was in? What did you do? Don’t feel too bad for Todd though because after spending many sessions with him he now has more dates than he can handle. If fact, the last time I checked he was dating an incredible women and was very happy. This Forbes article tells a similar story.

Guys if you spot an attractive woman, what is your body telling you to do? No, not what your mind is saying. Your body is most likely saying, “Get going!” The sooner I can be rubbing up against that woman’s body the better. Listen to your body.

The Strategy

One strategy is this. Let your body do some talking. Use your eyes. Look right into her eyes and hold it there for 3 seconds. She probably will look away, most women will look away even if they think you’re great; do not let that stop you. If she looks up at you again in about 5-45 seconds she welcomes your attention.

She may look around the room at other guys but that’s all right. Clock how long it takes for her to look back at you. If it was less than a minute do the following. Give her a smile and a little nod. If she smiles back make your approach NOW. Now you’re about to start doing what Todd did at this point and that is to think too much about what you will do and say.

Stop this immediately and get these thoughts out of your head. At this point if you don’t do something fast it will be apparent that you lack confidence. The longer you wait the less the chance is that you can successfully meet and hook up with this woman. To a woman, this is a most unattractive attribute, lack of confidence.

If you wait, the chance you did have, and you did have a good chance, will slip away. You may not get a second chance either; so don’t count on getting a second chance with this respectable, great looking woman at the next meeting.